How You Can Help

Like all performing arts organizations, we depend upon donations from our fans to keep our ensemble performing. We gratefully appreciate donations of any amount. We would love to add your name to our list of supporters in any of the following sections of our ensemble. 

Four Seasons Family Circle ($2000 plus for two or more consecutive years)
The extraordinary benefactors who carry us through each season of the year.

Vivaldi Maestri ($2,000 plus)
The generous leaders who step up to the podium and pull it all together.
Concertante Players ($1,000-1,999)
Our shining virtuoso soloists
Ripieno Players ($100-$999)
Our core group of tutti players who fill our ranks and make us sound beautiful.
Continuo Section (up to $99)
The section whose importance should never be underestimated.  They work the hardest, tend to get the least praise, but are the foundation "bass" of the entire ensemble. We would not function without them.

The names of all our corporate and individual donors are printed in our programs unless they wish to remain anonymous.


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"A storm of electrifying improvisation impelled
by a throbbing metrical pulse"
(Washington Post)

"buoyant spirit, expressive warmth and technical fluency" 
(Baltimore Sun)

"The string playing of The Vivaldi Project
musicians was simply breathtaking!"

"The Vivaldi Project has helped to reinsert our sense
of wonder and surprise at music that will never sound old."
(Classical Voice of North Carolina) 
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